Static (Vertical)

Static (Vertical) 


Arshekar Company as a producer of refrigerant systems, in pursuit of its goals, produces goods which are in the same level with its competitors. This company always considers to select the best primary materials to achieve better quality and client’s satisfaction.

Arshekar HCS-Aerial condensers with commercial name of ARSHEH are designed in 28 models from nominal capacity of 7.1 kW to 172 kW.

These condensers are used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems .HCS condensers are compatible with HCS refrigerants like: R-404a, R-134a, R-22, R-407c.






Condenser coils of HCS and HCH series are produced from cupric tubes (Inner Grooved) with triangular layout and aluminum-wavy fins where the space between fins is 2.9mm.

Sine waves which are made over fins, beside the increase in the level of heat exchange, cause a disarrange current and as a result increase the ratio of heat transferring which enhances the coil efficiency.

Triangular arrangement causes the air contacts with all levels of tubes. Also the space between tubes are designed in a way that there is the best symmetry between the mass of flowing refrigerant and exchange level. The coils are tested after rinsing and lipid-removing under a Nitrogen pressure of 400psi.

After discharge they are filled under a pressure of 250psi.Arshe coils are designed by the most advanced software’s in the world which is certified by AHRI.  



Chassis and Cover


The trunk’s material is steel sheet with electrostatic powdery cover which is resistant against the damages from atmospheric agents and corrosion. The sheet thickness is selected according to the device size in order to prevent of device vibration.

The location for compressor instalment have the capability of relocation and installation for different types of compressors.




Basic Information Unit Minimum Maximum
∆T=15  Nominal Capacity  kw 7.1 171.5
  mm 2.9
Fan Numbers


1 8
Fan  Size cm 42 50
Heat Exchange Level M2 11 358
Device Length HCH mm 775 3460
HCS mm 770 3420


Static (Vertical)



Static (Vertical) Condenser
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