Sorting System

Sorting System



As a leading company is sorting and packaging of fresh fruit and vegetables industry, MAF RODA is committed to offer effective solutions according to your requirements and guide you towards a step by step development in the industry.

Bringing diversity and innovation in the capacity of machineries is among the privileges of MAF RODA which is the pure consequence of consistent effort and flawless dominance of the R&D experts of MAF RODA.

100% integrated manufacturing system along with offering diversified solutions based on customer need is also another advantage of MAF RODA machineries.

By having 15 plants and 45 sales offices within the greatest producers of fruit and vegetable countries, MAF RODA is capable of offering dynamic customer-oriented services in the shortest possible time.

MAF sorting systems are capable of grading the products by using parameters like weight, color, dimension, outside quality(appearance), inside quality & …

MAF RODA also provides the possibility of various packaging types to the customers.


Arshehkar company as the official agent and distributor of MAF RODA in Iran, is now offering sorting and fruit grading services from A to Z which is constantly strengthen by the manufacturing potentials of the company in equipping Freon and Ammonia cold rooms.   

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