Control Atmosphere System

Specialized preservation of fruit with Control Atmosphere (CA)

With partnership of ABSOGER (France)


The advantages of long term maintaining of the product with higher quality:

Atmospheric control system

 Full maintenance of fruits with Atmospheric control system with participation of ABSOGER France:

Advantages of long term maintenance of product with higher quality

– Access to distant markets

– Higher profit in sale

– Increasing length of sales period

– Higher weight and volume of product in sales time


Today, the agricultural and food industries are considered as vital factors in the process of social and industrial development and are a key to improve the health and well-being of the people of the world.

Hence, the importance of production, maintenance and export of agricultural products in a systematic and orderly manner and the necessity of avoiding it`s damages due to the limitation of water and soil resources is inevitable. Such issue has led the industrial societies to develop new methods to effectively minimize the agricultural and food waste.

Atmospheric control system is One of the latest methods of European and American countries facilitates the preserving conditions for special fruits inside cold rooms.



Introduction of Atmospheric control systems:

In this method, By modifying the amount of refrigerant-containing gases inside cold rooms (minimizing oxygen and controlling carbon dioxide and ethylene gases and increasing nitrogen gas), it can reduce the respiration of the fruit, thereby maintaining the quality of the fruit. consequently, there would be a condition for maintaining the fruit in a very high quality and for a long run in the Atmospheric control cold rooms (maintenance 2 to 3 times longer than normal).



fruit Temperature (°C) % O2 %CO2 Maximum maintaining time
Apple 0.5-1 2-3 3-5 11 months
Cherry 0 3-10 10-15 3-8 weeks
Plum 0 2 5 2-4 months
Kiwi 0 3 5 5-7 months
Pear 0 2-4 0-1 10 months
pomegranate 6 3 6 6 months



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