Help table:

1- use of the high-quality brands of electrical components such as Schneider France

2- Use of a drive to control condenser fans and special carrier valves in order to prove system operating conditions and reduce energy consumption.

3- Integrated control of the system by specialized PLCs and user-friendly system settings

4- able to control compressors by:

– Use of inverter to control the precise capacity of compressors

– stage to stage controlling of the compressor or their capacity depending on system requirements

5- Using the best components, spare parts and valves from the top brands in the world such as Danfoss, Castell, Alco& …

6- Modular chassis with electrostatic powder color and high strength

7- Arshehkar Oil Cooler with inner groored tube and Aluminum fin turbulence and step-by-step control by PLC

8- Use of Bitzer Oil Separator for Screw Compressors

9- Use of hose to protect the steering and power cables

10- Use of high-efficiency compressors such as Bitzer

11- Smart Oil Management System

1- Control of oil temperature

2- Control of oil level

3- Control of oil flow


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