Arshehkar Cooling towers

Arshehkar Cooling towers

 Single circuit, multi circuits

 Closed circuit, open circuit


 NO  specification  unit  Minimum  maximum
 1   capacity  Ton  30  355
 Kw  100  1250
 2  Length  Mm  2580  5240
 3  weight  Mm  1250  2420
 4  height  mm  3690  3690
 5  Number of fan    1  2



– Utilization of advanced axial-fans in small models and centrifuge-fans in bigger contrary-current models.

– Produced from the best quality warm-galvanized sheets.

– Capability of fast assembly and disassembly in place where it is done entirely with screw and nut without any welding.


Arshehkar Cooling towers

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