air cooled evaporator



Defrosting in our evaporators is practicable in four below methods

Water-defrosting: in this method, with specific nozzles and a low water use, an1- 
even defrosting all over the finned surface is done by hot water.
2- Air-defrosting: this method is used for cold rooms at +0C with little frostings .
3- Hot gas-defrosting: this method uses outlet hot gas of the compressor which
again causes an even as well as a faster defrosting.
4- Electric-defrosting: in this method, high quality stainless steel heaters are utilized
which are resistant against corrosion. two ends of the heaters are keenly
encased with waterproof vulcanized connections, avoiding probable circuits and
thereby any bores in the tubes. The heaters are connected (wired) to the earth,
insuring the unit’s safety while preventing couplings!


Utilized fans in our evaporators come in four different sizes (35 cm ,42 cm ,50
cm , 63 cm) . They are overload and thermally protected, dynamically balanced
with external rotor and equipped with IP54 protection and classified IP55 terminal
Also, with a prepared guard grille compliant to world-wide standards, they offer high
safety coefficient


A robust and attractive aluminum case is used for our evaporators with an electrostatic
powder coating which is resistant against all kinds of corrosions.
The sheet’s thickness is selected proportionately to control the unit’s vibration.

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