Hybrid (wet/dry) Cooling Tower

Hybrid (wet/dry) Cooling Tower

Dry or air cooled products

Dry or air-cooled products cool liquids or condensate gases in closed circuits via sensible heat transfer from high-density finned coil to air at ambient dry bulb temperature.


Key benefits

– Eliminates water treatment and reduces water usage

– Eliminates plumes

– Reduced maintenance

– Eliminates Legionella risks


Adiabatic products

Adiabatic products are air-cooled coolers or condensers with adiabatic pre-coolers. Before the fan draws the ambient air through the finned coil, the air is pre-cooled adiabatically when traversing an humidification pad. This evaporates the water in the air, thus boosting the cooling capacity.


Products List

      <  TVFC Cooler

<  SP SpartiumCooler

  <  DFCV-AD


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